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PANAVISION Platinum 35mm System
Pax Film Industries (Dubai, UAE)  is a Feature Film Financing & Production Company that arranges funding and co-funding / co-productions and productions for their own, in-house developed feature film projects, documentaries and television projects, as well as selected for projects from third parties. The company works with US and Intern’l major sales agents & distributors for worldwide sales, marketing and distribution of its content.   THE COMEBACK OF 35mm Film ! We believe there is now a comeback of filming projects with 35mm negative film material. Then, after developing the film material, telecine onto digital for postproduction. CINELAB , London believes that to. Here their website     Our Founders / Executives at Pax Film Industries are coming from different ethnic and faith backgrounds. They strongly believe that there is a growing audience worldwide for ethnic cross over films (mixed cast from Middle East, and the West) ocially responsible, yet highly commercial, Hollywood style, audience appealing, exciting mainstream films. Company Motto: To create meaningful mass audience appealing content to inspire people worldwide, regardless of ethnicity, age, beliefes or religion.
PANAVISION Platinum 35mm Camera System